Regular attendance at school is essential for student learning. Please be sure your child has eaten a good breakfast and comes to school with all needed supplies. In accordance with Florida Statutes and Department of Education regulations, a written note, signed by a parent/guardian, is required to excuse each absence from school. This must be received within 24 hours of the return to school, or the absence will be recorded as unexcused. Absences are excused when they are due to:personal illness or injury, illness or death of a member of the immediate family, observation of recognized holidays of the student’s religious faith, medical appointments, head lice (limit of 4 days), conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous to health and safety.


An absence which can be considered of educational value, which has been pre-arranged with the Principal at least one week in advance, may also be excused for students who are in good academic standing and have a good attendance history. It is the responsibility of the parent to request and complete our form for this purpose, as well as to submit documentation following the absence, which supports the “educational advantage” claim. Teachers WILL NOT be expected to provide assignments to be used during the absence.Missed work will be outlined upon the student’s return.If a student is repeatedly absent from school, the school is authorized to require a written physician’s statement for subsequent absences to be considered excused.


When a student accumulates unexcused absences within the school year, the consequences are as follows: at (5) the school notifies the parent, at (10) it is reported to the social worker and at (15) the student must be reported to authorities as a habitual truant.